My adventure with Ubuntu

I invite you to read my first post.
Remember that this is a completely subjective evaluation through the prism of my needs and the helplessness 🙂

I started my adventure with GNU / Linux (later I will be using only Linux) in 2006 from Ubuntu 6.04. Earlier, it happened to me that I used different Knopixes, Mandrakas or Debian at the university, but nothing else settled on my disk.
The choice fell on Ubuntu. Dictated it was its the most popular and the opinions of users about its ease of use.


I joined it after having read the manuals on the forums (at that time there was probably no graphical installation wizard yet). I immediately liked the idea of ​​dividing the partition into swap, home etc. After a deep reflection, I could not believe that Windows does not have it. How could it happen that, after all these years of system development, it defaults to everything on the system partition? The installation was successful. The system installed itself and after reboot …

First impressions:

… I saw the GRUB manager, and there are two systems to choose from. First, I stopped if XP’k still walks, then I launched my fresh Ubu. I already knew a bit of Linux, so the environment was not completely alien to me. So I joined the configuration – the Internet first …

Here a problem appeared, a quick search in googles and I found ubudsl (then I think it was called differently) and drivers for the Neostrada modem. I have not used the router yet, as I was a poor student, it was always a pity to spend this stint when the weekend was approaching relentlessly from Monday. After a small configuration, the Internet started.
Neostrada on a serial modem never went well, losing the connection was a standard. Here came the first problem: restarting the connection in Ubuntu ended with the fact that I preferred to restart the system, but less about it (the fault of the manufacturer of the equipment, that he did not provide the appropriate software – I thought).
After installing the modem, it is time to update the system (an icon appeared in the notification area). The system started to update, so I wanted to look for some interesting software and I came in the center of Ubuntu software, trying to install something there, and unfortunately … why can not you install several things in Linux at once?
Ufff the upgrade has passed.
Next I took care of the graphics installation (Nvidia without a problem, after switching to ATI it was not pink). Then the printer and here wow: everything is already installed. My HP harvester on the windows is installed for at least an hour.
When the system was ready, I began to discover its advantages.


I liked everything: from the directory structure, through the nautilus window manager, installation of console programs (I always thought it was better to enter something quickly than to click 1000 times), security, no viruses, partitions do not fragment. I modified the look (beryl was great), I played, I wrote documents. Linux took over the computer, I forgot about XP. Even the household members were able to find the FF icon, so I had no problem complaining that something was different.

A real idyll. Time passed and I enjoyed “turning the ankle …” As the time progressed, they passed their studies. I started to drop an abandoned XP, more and more often, because I had to write final papers or presentations more often. I stopped having the strength to go to colleges, catch the first laptop and edit documents in MS Officie, because OO had problems with formatting. How many times it was presenting some presentations: the letters came out of the screen and other miracles took place. Not to mention the effects (not my fault only MS, which is a monopolist and does not keep the standards I thought).
I started to work, there was less and less time and finally I had to write a diploma thesis. Linux has stopped being so pink. Upgrading the system to the next version was always associated with its reinstallation: this program stops working; because such relationships have not been met; because the mouse driver does not work; because the modem does not work, the graphics have stopped working; x’y spilled out; window decoration every 3 inclusion falls. HOURS ARE SPREADED IN THE FORES. I sobered.

End of love:

I found out that something is wrong. Why everything in Ubuntu can not work like in a window. Why do I spend so much time configuring the system and applications. I started to miss the Best Player, Winamp (later the aim), MS Offic. I began to long for the simplicity of use and the quality of the software. The replacements were, but always seemed to be worse, of lower quality. The applications were crashe and had poor configuration options. Listening to music and watching movies began to become a chore. There is always something wrong, and there is no Polish characters in the tags or in the subtitles, either this format is not supported, or the movie is cut … and again forums, forums, forums, downloading packages, meeting dependencies, etc.

It came in 2008. Windows started to lead again mainly due to the MS Oficce package, and I wrote a diploma thesis. Ubuntu 8.04 appeared in April, and my motherboard came out on my computer. After buying a new one it turned out that Ubuntu does not want to walk – it just does not go on. I lost my strength. After two years I had enough. The initial love eased. I started to value time and convenience. I tried different Debianów, Mintów, Susków, but this was not it – I said the end! I regained my place on NTFS. Although XP as a system always pissed me off and I never had a good opinion about it, he won – because he always acted.
Always after starting, installing a new program and updating I was sure that it would work. I became a consumer of a free software advocate: he has to act and he continues to adhere to this philosophy to this day.

It took another two years to replace my worn blaszaka with a new one, I bought Windows 7 and for the first time since the DOS days, I’ve enjoyed working with a computer. In retrospect, I argue that the cost of buying windows is paid in the current bills for solving Linux problems (at least Ubuntu distribution).
If you have time and desire and a little bit of talent, it’s a pretty good system. I’m out. Often compares these systems to cars: polonez and s class, we will equally effectively move from point A to point B. The quality and comfort of this trip will be different, and so in my opinion is with Linux and Windows.

Today I am testing various distributions in a virtual machine and probably it will remain so although for some time I have been carrying Linux (Android) in my pocket and I will probably share this experience on the blog as soon as I find time between work, home and new ROMs because something does not work again … 🙂

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